Integral service for handling non-hazardous wastes

Integral service for handling non-hazardous wastes

  • Industrial return.
  • Steel burr.
  • Black sheet.
  • Gray iron
  • National scrap.
  • Cars.
  • Stainless.
  • Aluminum
  • Others (wood, plastic, cardboard, Garbage)

Packing maquila service

We compact any type of metal sheet, using triple compression hydraulic machines. Giving them a greater density and facilitating their transport. Recycling this material makes it feasible to use 100% of it as raw material of origin.

Brickette maquila service

Steel bricketting is compaction of ground burr at a very high pressure, of 350 to 500 tons, resulting in a reduced volume and consequently, better utilization. The high compression pressure makes the resulting brickette density to be close to the density of the original metal. This eases its transfer and disposal.

Destruction of inventories

Dismantling of industrial buildings, obsolete equipment and destruction of inventories. Destruction of inventories and LP Gas cylinders (Authorization No. RCD-QRO-09100011, issued by the SENER)

Purchase and sale of First and Second classes

Piping, various sizes.

  • Steel section
  • Metal Sheet
  • Beams
  • Panel and cutting with pantograph

Collection and Transportation of Industrial Wastes

  • Trailer truck with 5 wheels
  • Built-in crane truck
  • Roll-off truck
  • Chain Truck
  • Trailer truck with Lowboy
  • Containers
  • Gondolas

75 Ton Scale

Public scale, 24 hrs, 365 days a year service.