Burr Mill

Our pulverizing mills are multifunctional. Converting the material into a homogeneous granulate for better utilization and compacting.

Bricketting for flash

Ground burr compacting based on 350-500 ton pressure, achieving a higher density and consequently, better handling and use.

Triple Compression Packaging Press

  • Processes any type of metal sheet.
  • 40*40 Variable bale.
  • 30 seconds for bale compaction.
  • 120 bales per hour.

Variable Speed separating band

Used for separation of materials according to customer specifications, a  manually used process with qualified people.

450 Ton Mobile Shearing Press Louritex

  • National scrap processor.
  • Mobile press.
  • Press and shear.
  • Packer

1000T Shearing Press

  • National scrap processor.
  • Fixed press.
  • Press and Shearing.

Car compacting press AL-JON 580 Mobile

  • Press for destruction of vehicles and metal scrap.
  • Programmed sequence of automatic computing cycle.
  • 3 minute compaction process.
  • Compacts 20 vehicles per hour
  • Mobile press anywhere.
  • “Committed to the environment, we are prepared for metal scrap removal programs.”

Mobile car pliers

This system provides automatic dismantling by the end of automotive lifespan, extraction of the most valuable raw materials found in:

  • Engines.
  • Transmissions.
  • Radiators.
  • Heater core.
  • Air conditioner compressor.
  • Harness.
  • Seats.
  • Board.

This system provides automatic dismantling by separating these materials in your facilities.